Frequently Asked Questions

1. How would you describe your photography style?

We love making images that tell a natural but expressive story. We think photos of a given moment should really celebrate who that person was right then and there. For us, this means we could end up doing lots of time practicing our sneaking skills; because we like to be right there with you when anything happens. We want you to look back at your pictures and not only remember what happened, but how it felt. That means we often need to suck it up, place ourselves in the thick of the action, and do whatever it takes to get the best perspective. Don’t be surprised if you see us dashing up to you for a picture, then darting away. Although sometimes we’re happier when you don’t notice us at all!

Though we take our craft seriously, we’re very flexible photographers. We understand the importance of different clients having different needs; so we do not shy away from any requests. Whether by candid photography or poses, we work to get the best photos that capture who our subjects are. Our approach may change depending on the client or subject; but we are ultimately aiming to get photos that display a feeling representative of who we photograph. Our clients may ask us to stick with either a candid style or directed poses depending on their comfort. We love both styles, and will work in either mode; as long as we get those neat photographs!

2. What do you suggest for a photo shoot location with engagement and portrait sessions?

We recommend choosing a location that means something to you (e.g. favorite dating spot, where the question was popped). Or, choose a scenic place that just looks interesting to you. Some folks like popular spots such as Balboa Park or around Crystal Pier at Pacific Beach in San Diego. We would love to hear your ideas!

We think it’s awesome when clients come up with their own location, because it’s a great way to ensure the location is more meaningful to them. However, if you get stuck, we’ll help you right away. We have a big, ever-growing list of great spots for all kinds of photo sessions.

3. Do you travel?

At the moment, we work with clients in the San Diego and Orange County. As long as it’s within 120 mile radius of zip code 92127, we would be happy to meet up for some photos. For areas outside this range, we can still travel if you are okay with a mileage surcharge ($0.50 per additional mile).

4. How come quite a bit of your past work was based in the East coast?

We recently moved to Southern California from Maryland where we grew our studio. We loved Baltimore’s quirkiness, and we will miss how romantic DC feels at night. We did our very first photo shoot in San Diego years ago. We are excited to be back in San Diego!

5. How do I know you are MY photographer?

We know it can be a big decision to find a photographer to document all your memories. When discerning if we are a good fit for one another, please consider if you like our style, our personalities, our reviews (on Weddingwire and Facebook), and the way we conduct business.

We really like to know our clients. Having a great connection with you really helps us put out our best effort and our best work.

If you have any questions, want to see more samples, or just want to talk, we’d love for you to shoot us an email.

6. What does “all day” coverage really mean?

When we say all day coverage, we mean it. We know you might want to capture all the special moments on your wedding day without watching the clock. You have up to 24 hours of wedding coverage on the day of your wedding. We use an honor system, and trust that you’ll deploy us for just the time that you need us. However, if you’ll be getting ready early and partying late, you can count on us being there the whole time. As we plan out your wedding coverage with you, determining a good start and end time will be one of the first topics we discuss.

7. How do you accept payment?

We accept payment by cash, check, or credit card (PayPal).

8. Do you offer payment plans?

For engagements, portraits, proposals and elopement, the entire amount is due by the end of the photo session.

For weddings, we can work with you on the number of payments and amount. However, the first payment ($250) is always due 14 calendar days after signing of the contract. The last payment is due 14 calendar days before the wedding.

9. What do I do if I’m interested in hiring you?

Shoot us an inquiry using our contact form. We want to hear about what you are looking for and potential dates for the photo shoot. Once we finalize our plans, we will send you a contract for your consideration.