Rick and Reetu

With weeks of careful planning, Rick worked hard to have the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Reetu. As the surprise day came close, obstacle after unexpected obstacle popped up! First the ring-maker might deliver late. Then the East Coast was hit by a record high amount of snow. Then the rooftop terrace where he was going to propose was going to be closed on the proposal day!

Rick was not deterred though. Coming from across the country, he wasn’t ready to accept less. We joined Rick the day before the proposal to help with planning and witnessed him negotiate with staff, security, and director to open up the terrace. After several hours… success!

The next day went as perfectly as Rick had wanted. It was all well deserved. He started the day early with Reetu with a pampering morning that included brunch and visit to a spa. As he led her to the upper terrace of the Kennedy Center to get a breathtaking look at the Washington Monument (a special place for both of them), Rick asked Reetu to marry him.

The following photo session was a blur for us, I imagine it was for them too! Rick and Reetu were still living in that moment, and glowed with excitement. We love how the picture above really exudes their personalities.

We’re glad we met Rick and Reetu, and it was great seeing such hard work pay off in such a big way.

Rick and Reetu

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