Evan and Sarah

Evan and Sarah met each other right on U St. So it was very fitting to have an engagement shoot in the colorful neighborhood of Ledroit Park.

To many, Washington DC is known for its grand, white-marble column buildings. U Street on the other hand, has a really quaint and different flair altogether. Yellow house, red house, blue house, green. This place is a great backdrop for some relaxed but intimate moments. We wanted to use those colorful houses to our advantage, and it didn’t take much to make those colors pop. Plus, as a nice surprise, we found some cherry blossoms toward the end of our engagement session. They were not in full bloom yet, but just starting to show their colors.

I can’t think of a better spot in DC for these two really. It really fits them. Considering how they picked it, they must know themselves pretty well. I really enjoyed hanging out with Evan and Sarah. They were a great couple who showed a lot of thoughtfulness and consideration while I was spending time with them. The time really flew by quickly for our session!

Just look at this couple. They’re going to have a wedding late this year, and you know it’s going to be great.

Evan and Sarah


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