Tyler and his 1967 Ford Mustang

We had a real treat during this shoot. A lot of people have a dream car, but not everyone actually owns that dream car.

Tyler was in the process of selling his 1967 Ford Mustang. He was hoping to get some pictures , and it was a fun and challenging departure from our usual portraits. Although the Mustang is a real flashy eye catcher, we found that Tyler was a very grounded person. He didn’t hesitate to mull over a couple scratches in the paint, nor the challenges of having an older car. The vintage car lacked powered windows, power steering, and even turning on the heat requires a small ritual of lever manipulations. It was complicated and gritty compared to the auto-magic convenience of today’s autos. “Everything is a project with this car,” he joked.

All of those quirks and blemishes add to the deep character imbued in the car though. Tyler’s car.  He was already in a reminiscent mood as he considered how much the car meant to him. “I think it would be great to have some pictures to share with my grandkids one day.” We knew it was really important to capture the old spirit of the car. Now Tyler has some cool pictures for later in life when the car is gone, but the memory is still there.

1967 Mustang




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