Andy and Paula

Andy got the feeling that “now’s the time,” and wanted to surprise his girlfriend Paula with a proposal.

Open to suggestion, he discussed different spots around DC with us. Then Andy traveled to each location and got a feel for how much he liked it or not. We decided on a nice spot for plan A, and even a secondary spot for plan B. With logistics set, we were pretty much ready and very excited for his proposal day.

Then Andy called us the day before with a change. He and Paula were touring the city and happened across THE perfect place. He had a real good feeling about this one. It’s the kind of place that really stands out to Paula. The kind of place she would like and really remember.

We waited covertly by the ice rink’s edge to snap shots of Andy and Paula. Judging by Paula’s expression, Andy was absolutely right. Paula had a huge smile on her face as she skated around, and it only beamed brighter when he presented the ring!


Andy and Paula

One thought on “Andy and Paula

  1. Thank you guys for cooperating and setting up logistics…we had a fun time planning and finilly the outcome was what I expected and more!!!

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